News from Pastor Bob
Zion Reformed Church        
of The United Church of Christ
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania         

March 26, 2020

Hello to everyone!

This is another message to our congregation, as we weather these stormy days

of distancing ourselves.  Numerous clergy colleagues of mine are now saying,

“This is a season of being together, while we are apart!”

This is so true, especially as I report to you that your Consistory and Church leadership have made a unanimous decision (by phone), to suspend not only this coming Sunday’s worship on March 29, but also for Palm Sunday April 5 as well. No decision has been made as yet for Easter Sunday.  Please share this information with your church family and friends.

I will be continuing to send these periodic emails, and an all church Letter will be mailed next week.  I am also gratified by your warm response to my first ever video recording of a Sunday morning Psalm & Prayer moment - many of you picked it up last Sunday via email, or on UTube (thanks to the tech savvy of Todd Willman!). You can also pick up the YouTube message by going to our Zion Website, where Todd has positioned it on its front page.  Go to:

Your Consistory also wishes to encourage you to be mindful of your stewardship in these difficult days - our ministries and missions continue, even though we cannot “pass the plate,” while we are not in person together these Sunday mornings. Please mail in your offerings to the church office,  with thanks.

Wow!!   A special new mission has been undertaken just this morning!!  Our Women’s Guild has responded enthusiastically to a need at Chambersburg Hospital, sent from the Chaplain’s Office.    Our Guild ladies have taken it upon themselves to have morning snacks of donuts and juice and coffee delivered to workers on one of the hospital Wards.  What a nice gift!

I offer this brief reading from Psalm 46.  Use it if you wish in your personal prayer time.  And finally, there is a link which when accessed on UTube, will bring you to last Sunday’s message.

THE PSALMIST offers these special words to us in these times of trouble:

God is our refuge and our strength. God is an ever-present help in times of trouble. Therefore, we will not fear, though the mountains may shake. We will not be afraid, though the waters of the sea may roar and foam. The Lord says: “Be still and know that I am God.”  The Lord, our God, is with us.  Amen.

Blessings to all,
Pastor Bob

March 21, 2020

Dear Members & Friends of Zion Church:  

Hello everyone!

I write this message in the midst of everyone “sheltering-in-place.”  

I hope this finds you all well, and taking care of yourselves. I have so far

found 39 of you who have shared with me your email address – (Do we have

your email address on file with the Church office?). There must be more of

you out there who are not listed, so if you know of someone, please forward

this note to them. And if possible, send me back a quick note that you received

this – thanks!

By now, Zion members who live in the greater Chambersburg area, should have received a Letter and Announcements from me from the Church office. Essentially, it is to remind us all that at least for the next two Sundays -  March 22 & March 29 - worship in the Sanctuary has been cancelled, and all activities and meetings too. Most all of our sister churches have done the same.  

The Consistory will make a decision when we will reopen once again, but this really depends upon the virus itself.  It would be nice to gather on Palm Sunday, April 5th, but no one is sure just yet. Remember the old saying “Every Sunday is Easter Sunday!”

Meanwhile, please keep everyone in your prayers, and make good use of your phone, emails, and text messaging, to be in touch frequently with your home-bound and shut-in friends.

I need to speak with you about two of our families:
The Picking Family - thank you all for welcoming Lois, her son David, and special friends of Peggy Picking, at her funeral last Tuesday. Special appreciation goes out to all who planned and served and cleaned up for the collation by the Women’s Guild. Lois was extremely pleased.

The Smith Family - some of you are aware by now, that Dan Smith’s son Scott died from a traffic accident last Tuesday in the York area where he had been living. Your prayers for Dan & Mara and their extended families are so precious to them at this tragic time.  Services are not set yet, as the pandemic is still with us. You may write a note to them, at 440 Lortz Ave, Chambersburg, PA. 17201.

Finally, please stay safely within your homes, wash your hands many times a day, and keep in touch often with loved ones and church family and friends. We can do this!

So may God be with you all, and may the peace of Christ surround you and those you love.

Pastor Bob Macfarlane 
(508) 331-8831