​Saturday, May 2, 2020
Dear Members & Friends of Zion Church:

The sun is gorgeous, as I write to you as I sit on our back patio, as Diana and I take a break from flower bed prep and planting. I’ve just had a super experience picking up my gallon of white milk and 1/2 gallon of chocolate  at the milk give-away on Rt 11 in Chambersburg. Great gang of milk producers, dairy farmers and families - so we were delighted to give an overly generous gift paid forward, for their overly generous event!

Sadly, our portion of the state continues to be shut down for large gatherings. I was on a “Zoom” conference call the other evening with Dan Smith, Sherri Arrowood and Candy Wagner, moderated by our Penn Central Interim Conference Minister Rev Dr Carrie Call. She told us that our Penn Central UCC Churches were all closing worship for the next month, so that we can continue to be as safe and healthy as possible in these tough times. We shall see what June brings.


This scripture passage from Philippians happens to be one of my very favorites, and I’ve learned over the years that it is also a favorite of many others. Perhaps it is one of yours as well.  In difficult times, it is helpful to remember the Saints of old, like St Paul here, who drew strength and resolve from their deep faith, that every obstacle can be overcome with resilience and patience. I pray that it may be so for each of you!​


I thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures today from our garden,  especially if you are confined indoors. Above is a small bush called a “Scottish Broom” plant. It has stunning color, and you can see that a big bumble bee has already been hard at work on his pollinating chores. We have a  Scottish Folksinging friend who wrote what has become a family favorite of ours for over 30 years now, entitled “The Yellow’s on the Broom!”. Thank you Ed Miller - the yellow is indeed on our Broom this Spring!

Below is a closeup picture of the flowering pink dogwood on our side lawn. We’ve always had pink dogwoods at our homes, ever since my father took his little boys “Bobby & Dicky” to purchase one for our mother on Mother’s Day, probably about 1953 or so - just a while ago - a fine memory!

God's blessings  to each and every one!  Please stay safe and be well.
Pastor Bob Macfarlane 

News from Pastor Bob
Zion Reformed Church        
of The United Church of Christ
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania         

May 9, 2020
Dear Members & Friends of Zion Church:

Each and every time I write to you, or speak with you via Sunday Worship Video,  I always find myself saying,  “STAY SAFE and BE WELL!   During these past six weeks or so, and during the weeks to come, that needs to be our prayer for each and every one of our members and friends.  Do please, stay safe, and be well.    The saying we hear so often still rings true,   “We stay apart today, so we can be together tomorrow!”   

Dan and Sherri and Candy and I have recently been part of a couple of Association and  Conference-wide “Zoom” meetings, held on our home computers.   Our Conference Interim Minister, Rev. Dr. Carrie Call, has moderated those Zoom meetings  (one of which had upwards of 100 ministers and lay leaders!),  and we learned that by and large,  our UCC Churches across our Penn Central Conference were NOT holding worship in their sanctuaries throughout the month of May,  but have been doing as we are doing here at Zion  -  bringing alternative worship experiences to our people in their homes on Sunday mornings.   When and if we open our worship in June, is still up for discussion, but we shall keep you informed. 

ZION WEBSITE:    zionucc-chambersburgpa.org     
I have continued to create a three-minute video for Sunday worship, consisting of a short “Hello!”  then a timely Scripture, and a Pastoral Prayer.  If have been sending

it out to as many folks as I have emails for,  and if it has not come to you, please send me your email address, and be on the distribution list.   If you cannot do this, then at least try to access the Zion Website (above), because Todd Willman has been
converting my video to a YouTube, and placing it on the front page of Zion’s website.  

Scheduled for the 2nd Sunday in June  -  June 14  -  is our Annual “Rose Rent Sunday,” which everyone anticipates and loves so much.   I have been in touch with both Ministers of the other Rose Rent Churches (Falling Spring Presbyterian and
First Lutheran),  and your leaders have been in conversation with the Chambers family.  When a decision when to have this annual celebration is made, we will let everyone know!

God's blessings  to each and every one!  Please stay safe and be well.
Pastor Bob Macfarlane 

Hi-Lites Newsletter, 
April 2020                  
Interim Minister’s Page
Pastor Bob Macfarlane

Dear Members & Friends of Zion Church:                                     

I write this note to you all, from my study at my home,  as Diana and I are sequestered just like most all of you are! 

Do please - STAY SAFE and BE WELL!

Someone wrote on my Facebook page a very timely saying: “We stay apart today, so we can be together tomorrow!”    Unfortunately,  we have all learned that it will NOT be tomorrow, but rather AT LEAST until the end of April, or early May, before we might be given permission to re-assemble in larger groups outside our homes. Patience is a virtue, and in our case now here in America, we all need to learn that virtue.

From my home, I am trying to keep in touch with as many of you as possible  -  by phone calls,  by emails,  by text mesages. Especially, I have been keeping in contact with those who may be homebound or shut-in,  and those who may live alone. I hope you are doing the same, by checking up on those you love, your neighbors, and friends who may be far away.  In our case, we try every few days, to do what is called Face-time” with our kids and grandchildren. 

ZION WEBSITE: zionucc-chambersburgpa.org Perhaps you have been able to experience one or two of the brief Worship Videos that I have created over the past couple of Sundays. I send them out by email to those of our congregation whose emails the church office has on-hand. They have also been turned into YouTube videos by Todd Willman, and placed on the front page of Zion’s website. Please visit our website soon, and you will find my videos placed at the bottom of the ​front page. Just click on, and you’ll have it!  Thanks so much, Todd.