Church News and Happenings
Zion Reformed Church        
of The United Church of Christ
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania         

Consistory will meet on Wednesday, February 12, 7:00 PM in the Parish House.
At its January meeting, Consistory elected the following officers:   

President:  Dan Smith   

Vice President: Pastor Bob
Secretary: Sherri Arrowood
Treasurer: Fritz Pogue
Assistant Treasurer: Jim English
Financial Secretary: Jack Arrison
Also appointed were Candy Wagner and Laura Frey as our representatives to United Churches of Chambersburg Area and Laura Frey as representative on the Sunday School Board.

Important Dates to Keep in Mind for 2020!

Women’s Guild

The Women's Guild  meetings:
April 5  - Lenten Tea following Worship Service
May 5 - Family Night 6:00 PM
June  9 -1:30 plan for choir picnic & ice cream social
July TBA - Choir/Staff Picnic
 August - Ice Cream Social date TBA
September 8 -1:30 TBA
October  13 - 1:30 PM treat bags for Halloween Party
November 1 - All Saint’s Day—Congregational Dinner
November 10 - 1:30 Thank Offering
December 1 - Family Night  6:00 PM

Sunday School
April 12 - Easter Program
May 10 - Mother’s Day
June 14 - Rose Rent/breakfast/Program
July 5 - September 6—Summer schedule, 9:00 AM worship with Fellowship following church
July 13-16 - Tentative VBS
September - Picnic
October 25 - Halloween Party
November 21 - Bowling Party
November 22 - Decorate for Christmas Time

April 5 - Palm Sunday
April 10 - Good Friday
April 12 - Easter
June 14 - Rose Rent
November 1 - All Saint’s Day/ Congregational Dinner
November 8 - Veteran’s Service

Lenten Dollar Folders Have Arrived
Each household received a Lenten Dollar folder during the week of Ash Wednesday (February 26). You are encouraged to use the folder during the days of Lent and return it during Easter week. Your gifts provide funding for various national and international mission projects of Zion. You may mail it to the church, drop it off at the office, or place it in the special collection baskets that will be placed at the rear of the sanctuary during Easter.

In the past we have used a coin folder about which many complained of the difficulty of getting the quarters to stay in, and the trouble of delivering or mailing to the church. Plus the offering counters found it tedious counting and wrapping the quarters. So we switched to Dollar Folders. We hope these will be easier to use. However we also recognize these require a greater commitment financially to our mission budget.

We are anxious to see how we will respond.

Will we step up our devotion to helping those in need in our community and beyond?

Usher Schedule
The weekly schedule of usher teams for Sunday worship is on the bulletin boards near the elevator. If you are not presently
serving in this capacity, and would like to do so, please speak with  Peggy Barnhart.  Each team ushers every four weeks. 

2020 Altar Flowers
We have  open dates on July 19, August 16, September 6th, if anyone is interested in providing altar flowers on these dates, please contact Peggy Barnhart at the church office. The altar flowers are from Plasterer’s Florist and cost to Zion is $39 each week so please make a check to Zion to cover your flower display. Thank you!

Financial Statements
Your annual statement of financial giving for 2019 for those using envelopes is now available in the church vestibule.

This can be helpful in preparing your tax return. If you notice any omissions or errors, please contact the church office.

Food Pantry Update
Remember you can bring in food donations anytime. Collection boxes are located at the bottom of the ramp in the Sunday school room, and at the elevator entrance. We especially ask you to think of the first Sunday of each month as Food Pantry Sunday to encourage you to remember to bring items on a regular basis. Remember too that heavy material carrying bags are needed also.

2020 Offering Envelopes - Have YOU Picked-Up Yours Yet??

Offering envelopes for the current year are ready in alphabetical order, and available on the small informational table inside the front right door.

NOW more than ever in our history, YOUR church needs your financial support to help us continue in the years ahead!

CASH for CAUSES by Jane Johnson
Just a reminder that the CASH FOR CAUSES fund raiser for the Zion Women’s Guild continues. How does this work? Just
purchase a GIANT’S CASH FOR CAUSES gift card from Jane Johnson and go to your local GIANT’S  or MARTIN’S  STORE
and use the gift card—CASH for CAUSES to purchase your groceries, gas, prescriptions, or  other gift card (in store).  If purchasing gas check with attendant first before pumping gas.  At this time we have $25.00 and $50.00 cards available if you would like your cards in $100.00 denominations just ask and we can have them in a few days.

Checks can be made out to Women’s Guild of Zion UCC. Cards are sold at face value and the Women’s Guild receives 5%
from the sale of each GIANT’S CASH for CAUSES Gift Cards. The gift cards have no expiration date. Questions give Jane
Johnson a call at (717) 263-1416.

Help With Emergency Requests
The office receives numerous inquiries during the year for help from residents who need gas or food. Usually the pastor
listens to their needs and refers them to resources in the community that can help. Yet occasionally there is an emergency need that arises on weekend or holidays when agencies are closed. Having on hand a few $25 Giant Cash for Causes cards provides some temporary assistance for these folks until they can connect with our resources.

If you would like to help in this way, please purchase the cards from Jane Johnson and then give them to Pastor Bob or Peggy Barnhart. Keep in mind these cards also provide a 5% donation to the Women’s Guild. 

Sunday School News
The Sunday School Board is looking for your help and suggestions. We, as the board, would like to reach out to the whole church and see if anyone would like to become involved.  Please reach out to Joan Pogue, Candy Wagner or Sherri Arrowood concerning your suggestions and interest.