Zion Reformed Church        
of The United Church of Christ
Chambersburg, PA          
Church News and Happenings

Supply Ministers:
August   4: Rev. Karin Stork-Whitman
August  11: Rev. Karin Stork-Whitman
August  18:
August  25: Rev. Karin Stork-Whitman

Annual Baseball Game
August 11, 2019
Baltimore Orioles vs. Houston Astros
Depart  the McKinley Street Fire Station at 10:30 AM, Return after game.

Price is $50 which includes transportation, ticket and tip for driver.
Please contact Esther Wagner for reservations.

Holy Communion will be celebrated on Sunday, September 4.

Keep the Food Coming
Don't forget to continue to donate during these summer months!

Mara and Dan Smith want you to remember there is a collection box at the foot of the ramp in the Sunday School room and at the entrance to the elevator.  You may donate anytime, but we encourage you to think of the first Sunday of each month as donation day.

Women’s Guild
Meetings are held during the day at 1:30 on Tuesday.
The Women’s Guild meetings:

August 25 — Ice Cream Social
September 10 — Ginny Stake
October 8 — Kathy Spangler
November 12 — Jane Johnson
December 3 — Family Night

Fellowship Hour Follows Worship
During the Sundays in August and the first Sunday in September, we have a fellowship time that follows worship in place of the adult Sunday School hour. This is a great time to talk with others, and make new friends.

Our host/hostess schedule is:
August   4    Jean and Nancy Gonder
August 11     Baseball Game
August  18     Joan Pogue
August  25 
September 1

Healing Service
Our monthly service of anointing and healing will follow worship on Sunday, September 22. This is an opportunity to seek prayer for yourself, for a loved one or friend, or a community or world concern. Simply  join us at the front of the sanctuary as the
postlude concludes.

Our Church Picnic!
We are partnering with Solomon's United Church of Christ at 1594 Swamp Fox Road in New Franklin (just off of Route 16 east).
We have an annual picnic, they do not. They do have a great pavilion at their church property. So a joint picnic can be a great opportunity for fun and fellowship. 
But this much has been set: Sunday, September 8th sometime around 5 p.m. We will have all the details in the September Hi-Lites, but mark your calendars today.

Ice Cream Social Anyone!
Mark your calendar for Sunday, August 25th,  4-6 p.m. for our Ice Cream Social in the parish house yard. There will be music, fellowship, and ice cream with lots of toppings. We can use your help  on the day of the event.
Here is how you can help:
-- be a sponsor. Make a donation to the Women’s Guild.
-- help on the day of the event.
We will need help beginning about 2:30 p.m. to set up. We need help serving the ice cream. We need help cleaning up
-- come and invite a friend or neighbor

CASH for CAUSES by Jane Johnson
Just a reminder that the CASH FOR CAUSES fund raiser for the Zion Women’s Guild continues. How does this work? Just
purchase a GIANT’S CASH FOR CAUSES gift card from Jane Johnson and go to your local GIANT’S  or MARTIN’S  STORE
and use the gift card—CASH for CAUSES to purchase your groceries, gas, prescriptions, or  other gift card (in store).  If purchasing gas check with attendant first before pumping gas.  At this time we have $25.00 and $50.00 cards available if you would like your cards in $100.00 denominations just ask and we can have them in a few days.

Checks can be made out to Women’s Guild of Zion UCC. Cards are sold at face value and the Women’s Guild receives 5%
from the sale of each GIANT’S CASH for CAUSES Gift Cards. The gift cards have no expiration date. Questions give Jane
Johnson a call at 717-263-1416.

It's Quarterly Improvement Fund Time!
It's time for the third quarter Improvement Fund special offering.

These gifts support the maintenance and improvement of our building and grounds. Please use the special envelope included with your HiLites.  Include your name or envelope number if you wish your gift  recorded on your financial statement.

Here One Place Where YOUR DONATION Goes a LONG Way!

Soon summer will be blending into the start of a new school year at HOFFMAN HOMES ACADEMY and that means the
academy is in need of various school supplies.  I’m praying the kind folks of ZION can contribute any amount of the much
needed school supplies.  A list of school supplies that are needed and accepted can be found on the list below detach  and take with you to shop at $5 Below, Staples, Dollar Stores, Target, and Wal-Mart or your favorite store.  Most important nothing sharp
and NO SPIRAL notebooks.

All items can be placed in the HOFFMAN GENERAL tote container in the Sunday School room.

Thank you for your continued support to Hoffman Homes.  No donation is to small to help support the youth in care of Hoffman
Homes for Youth. 

No time to shop?

I will be happy to shop for you with your donation!

Jane Johnson


School and teaching supplies including composition books, (the old fashioned kind, with NO
spiral binding) highlighters; crayons; markers; EXPO markers; pencils; construction paper; tape; paper clips; poster board,
loose leaf  paper; post its; pocket folders; and boxes of tissues.

Also Maker-Space supplies, including DUCK tape; glue sticks; plastic bendy straws; marbles; balloons; and masking tape.