Zion Reformed Church, UCC – Chambersburg, PA

Church School: 9:30 am  –  Regular Worship: 10:45 am  –  Summer Worship: 9:00 am    

* Summer worship begins the first Sunday in July and ends with Labor Day Weekend

Rev. Thomas Dunkle, Pastor                        Rev. Jeffrey Diller, Pastor Emeritus

Church News and Happenings

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The July, 2022 Hi-Lites Church Newsletter

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The June, 2022 Hi-Lites Church Newsletter

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The May, 2022 Hi-Lites Church Newsletter

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The April, 2022 Hi-Lites Church Newsletter

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The March, 2022 Hi-Lites Church Newsletter

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The February, 2022 Hi-Lites Church Newsletter

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The DECEMBER Hi-Lites Church Newsletter
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The NOVEMBER Hi-Lites Church Newsletter
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The OCTOBER Hi-Lites Church Newsletter
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The SEPTEMBER Hi-Lites Church Newsletter
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​​​​Don’t Forget the Food Pantry— donations are taken any time! 
The boxes are at the elevator door and the bottom of the Sunday School ramp.

Can You Help?
The Women’s Guild of Zion continues the sale of the Giant’s Cash for Causes gift cards.  Gift cards are available in $25.00,
$50.00 and $100.00 face value and never expire.  Card may be given as a gift anytime of the year or use for your own personal shopping experience, or in the pharmacy or gas purchases at Giant’s.  You never shop at Giant’s that’s OK. You can still purchase a $25.00 card and give to the church office for use when someone comes to Zion for help, in need of food etc. You do not need to use the full amount. Now for the bonus ... with your purchase at face value, Zion’s Women Guild receives 5%. We are able to purchase at a 5% discount. Please make your checks out to Zion  UCC Women’s Guild and see Jane Johnson for your cards.  

Have you been thinking of uniting with Zion Church?
If you have been contemplating membership with Zion Church, please phone or email Pastor Bob for details.  At this moment, a few friends of the Church have indicated to me their interest in our Zion fellowship.

Wednesday Bible Study
Join us in the Parish House each Wednesday, 10 am. for our midweek Bible study. Bring a Bible. New members and friends are
welcome. This is a great time for learning and fellowship. And remember if the School District delays or cancels school, Bible Study will not meet.

​Note: We are trying to update our Birthday Lists.  If you have a Birthday we’ve missed, or one that you will celebrate soon, please call the Church Office— 717-264-2854, so you will be added to our list.

Help with Emergency Requests
The office receives numerous inquiries during the year for help from residents who need gas or food. Usually the pastor
listens to their needs and refers them to resources in the community that can help. Yet occasionally there is an emergency need that arises on weekend or holidays when agencies are closed. Having on hand a few $25 Giant Cash for Causes cards provides some temporary assistance for these folks until they can connect with other  resources in the county.

If you would like to help in this way, please purchase the cards from Jane Johnson and then give them to Pastor Bob or Peggy Barnhart. Keep in mind these cards also provide a 5% donation to the Women’s Guild. So your gift helps both local residents in need and our own Guild.