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With the current situation of COVID-19 in our area, 

especially the DELTA Variant, your church and consistory would suggest that those attending services and functions with a concern, wear a facemask. This guidance is NOT mandatory. Also, only the church choir will sing our hymns –we ask that those in the pews please refrain from singing
to help protect your nearby parishioners. 

If the pandemic has kept you apart from us, please help support the many missions of Zion! Our assistance to those less fortunate continues during these challenging times, and our financial needs for the ongoing upkeep of our church continues. Be a part of our gift-giving. Send your check to: Treasurer, Zion Reformed Church, 259 S. Main Street, Chambersburg, PA 17201.

​​​It's Paint Night! This Monday Night, November 29!

   Now With Off-Street Parking for our Worshipers and Visitors

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Zion Reformed Church, UCC • 259 South Main Street • Chambersburg, PA 17201

A Church in the Penn Central Conference of the United Church of Christ
Phone: (717) 264-2854
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To encourage the local settlers, Col. Chambers deeded land for a church and graveyard in 1780, at the intersection of South Main Street and what was then German (now Liberty) Street. The first building was a log schoolhouse. In 1811, the construction of the present structure was begun – with most work completed by 1813.

Listed on the
National Register of Historic Places, Zion Reformed Church today continues to serve as a house of praise to God.

Zion is historically unique, in that it is one of three local
'Rose Rent Churches.'  In its deed is the stipulation that each June, the congregation pay the annual rent of one rose from the church grounds to a descendant of the Chambers family, “in perpetuity.”

 Our Sanctuary and Social Rooms are Handicap Accessible

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Click on the pamphlet at the left to download, read and printout our new Zion Reformed UCC church brochure. This piece is now available at our local visitor centers and Chamber, to help us spread the news of our history, heritage and family activities here at Zion!

From left, Lois Picking, James George (7th generation Chambers Family), Mara Smith (Zion Church representative who presented the Rose) and Interim Pastor Bob McFarlane, reading the Rose Rent proclamation for 2021. Mike Barnhart ceremonially cut the red rose for Zion!

Church School:      9:30 am

Regular Worship:   10:45 am

Summer Worship:  9:00 am

* Summer worship begins the first

Sunday in July, and ends with

Labor Day Weekend

'Nearly 250 Years of Service to God'

Click on the pamphlet at the right to read about Zion's legendary crystal chandelier, first hung in 1813 and then lost to history for many years until its restoration and re-dedication in the late 1970s. Today it is lowered only for

 Thanksgiving Eve and Christmas Eve services in the sanctuary.

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Zion Reformed Church        
United Church of Christ
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania         

The city was Chambersburg, Pennsylvania — at the time a small town located at an intersection of thriving agriculture, commerce and local-made goods, a junction for travel to the busy cities of the north or south. A stop-over point perhaps, as travelers sought rest while on their way further west over

the mountains of the rugged and ever-expanding “western

Frontier” of a new nation.

Originally founded in 1764 as a fort, the town was settled by Colonel Benjamin Chambers, just 15 miles north of the line later officially surveyed by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon.

Quickly after its founding, the town grew with an influx

of German immigrants. They migrated from the Palatinate area of Germany to the Cumberland Valley, an area that so closely resembled their homeland. Their German Reformed faith came with them.

Without a building, they gathered first in the Inn (and tavern) of
Nicholas Snider  – in the northwest corner of the town Square – and with help from a Rev. Faber of Hagerstown,

Maryland, formed a congregation in 1778.

Make a Mess! Have Fun! And Spend Some Time With Others!

Join Pastor Tom's wife Patty, for Paint Night at 7:00 pm on November 29th in the fellowship hall. All levels of ability are welcome from “expert” to “I can’t draw stick figures!” 

We will be painting Santa on boards for your holiday display. All supplies will be provided. The cost is $10 and all proceeds go to food for our Blessing Box.

There are only 15 slots available so please sign up with the office as soon as you can (or call the office phone number now!). If you bring a “non member” person, you and your guest will be free!

I do have some aprons available, however, if you have an apron please feel free to bring it.

Thank you!